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Tooth of the Lion Farm connects you to a world of farm based herbal medicine.

At Tooth of the Lion Farm we are committed to growing herbal teas and tonics that are simple, pleasurable, and supportive - for you, for the farmers, for the land and our communities.

Together, we are working to build an accessible, local medicine movement, to improve the quality of life and well-being of our communities, and to cultivate connections between people and non-human nature.

We make it simple for you to incorporate local herbal medicine into your daily life. Enjoy the flavors of our fields in each soothing cup of tea or punchy shot of tonic! 

Our Promise:

100% of Tooth of the Lion herbs are Certified Naturally Grown*

without pesticides and dangerous chemicals, while focusing on the organic and regenerative principles of building soil and encouraging an abundance of life and habitat.

*Certification for farmers, not corporate conglomerates.
Learn more about the CNG model!

100% Local, Transparent & Fresh.

We focus on seasonal, 100% locally grown herbs and herbal products that maintain the vitality of whole plant medicine. All Tooth of the Lion Farm herbal products are processed and packaged by hand in our cGMP certified kitchen at the height of freshness.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If you are not happy, we offer full refunds within 30 days of purchase.

At Tooth of the Lion Farm we believe that herbal medicine should be simple, pleasurable and supportive. 

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