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Plant Protection Oxymel

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Lets look at how each of the herbs in the plant protection oxymel work in this sweet and sour protection remedy. Mugwort moves stagnation and clears bad energy.On an emotional level, yarrow is beneficial for people who are very sensitive and easily hurt by a remark. Rose epitomizes soft, sweet, open, and asserting its boundaries. Milky Oats are for people who are overworked , feel frazzled and depleted. 

Herbal Blend: Mugwort, (Artemisia vulgaris) Yarrow, (Achillea millefolium) Rose  petals, (Rosa Rugosa) Milky Oat tops (Avena Sativa)

Other Ingredients: Raw apple cider vinegar, raw honey 

How To Use: 3 drops to 3 droppers full when you need some plant protection, strong boundaries, and self-love. You can take it straight, add it to water, juice, wine, or tea. Trust your intuition when and how much to use. 

How It's Made: The plants were intentionally weeded on a sunny Beltane afternoon and steeped in raw apple cider vinegar and raw honey. The Rose petals were harvested from Cape Cod, where roses were planted a decade ago to inhibit erosion but ended up taking over. 

About Attic Apothecary: Kelly McCarthy is a clinical herbalist based in Philadelphia providing sliding scale herbal consultations, and herbal education and workshops. Learn more about her work.