Cottonwood Salve
Cottonwood Salve
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Cottonwood Salve

Mandy Katz
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Eastern cottonwoods are guardians of the waterways and wherever you see them growing in their large range of Eastern and Central North America, it is often an indication of nearby water. The resin found in the cottonwood buds has a very special perfumey scent. It is the smell of spring, the presence of water. Cottonwoods are in the willow family and contain the same salicins that aspirin is made from, which provide pain relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits when used topically.

Herbal Blend: Cottonwood buds (Populus deltoider) 

Other Ingredients: Olive oil, beeswax

How To Use: Use topically for treating inflamed, injured and painful conditions. Can be used for rashy irritated skin, sunburn, insect bites, wind chap skin and for healing burns.

How It's Made: The Cottonwood salve was handcrafted by Mandy Katz of Bartrams Gardens using buds from the cottonwood trees of the lower Schuylkill River Valley. The buds were infused in olive oil and blended with beeswax.

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