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Clary Sage Hydrosol

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Clary Sage takes two years to reach harvest stage and is so worth the wait. Clary Sage is thought to impact estrogen/progesterone balance and is commonly used to support menstrual and menopausal fluctuations of mood and energy levels. The astringent qualities found in the salvia species offers support to skin that has a tendency to skin eruptions, excess oil secretions or overactive sweat glands. 

Aromatic Notes:  musky, floral, light yet deep 

Herbal Blend: Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)

Other Ingredients: N/A

How To Use: Spritz these herbal aromatics on your face and body, or in your living and work areas. Keep refrigerated for longest shelf life.

How It's Made: Certified organic. Barefoot Botanicals hydrosols are distilled in our certified organic kitchen from our own certified organic herbs, using our custom made still with a handmade copper condenser. We never add any preservatives or additives. All hydrosols are stored at 50 degrees and protected from light for best quality and shelf life.