At Tooth of the Lion Farm we believe that herbal medicine should be simple, pleasurable and supportive.

Our mission is to create a sustainable herb farm and cooperative herbal apothecary, offering products that improve the quality of life and well-being of our communities.

Our goal at Tooth of the Lion Farm is to provide support and guidance to help you explore the benefits of the freshest, highest quality herbal medicine that our region has to offer - for your own self care and the care of your communities.

We are committed to regenerative farming practices and creating herbal products that improve the quality of life and well-being of all our communities and the land. All Tooth of the Lion herbs are Certified Naturally Grown, a grassroots model of organic certification “for farmers, not corporate conglomerates”.

Our small, women-owned and operated farm crew cares for our herbs from seed to harvest to hand processing each product in our certified kitchen, crafting herbal blends that reflect care of the land, unique and pungent flavors, and a sense of place.

Our cooperative, farm-based model eliminates the need for extra middlemen, putting our carefully blended herbs in your hands faster, and providing a fair income for our farmers and partner herbalists. Your herbs will be fresher and more potent, and we hope that you taste the difference in each soothing cup of chamomile tea.

Together, we are working to build an accessible, local medicine movement, to improve the quality of life and well-being of our communities, and to cultivate connections between people and non-human nature.

If you like to get your hands dirty and have transportation to Orwigsburg Pa, sign up to be notified of volunteer opportunities on our contact page. 

Katelyn Melvin

Tooth of the Lion Farm, Owner / Operator

Hello! I bet you’re wondering “how I got into all this” - a question I am asked frequently and still don’t quite know how to answer. The truth is that the plants got into me, and I learn more from them every day. Growing abundant, potent and quality herbal blends for you on this little plot of land in Orwigsburg, Pa is my soul work. I believe that we need plant medicine to be our fullest human selves, and that plant medicine can be both simple and deeply transformative.

This farm and apothecary work is my medicine, and I strive to grow plants for you that ooze pleasure, connect you more deeply to the people and plants around you, and propel you forward to do your own soul work in the world.

Our Herb Exchange Partners

We selected fellow herbalist-farmers who inspire us and who work in different capacities to contribute a unique perspective to their communities. All our partners create high quality herbal products, utilize only herbs that they grow or purchase locally, and formulate each item with care. Read more below and check out their work!

Barefoot Botanicals

About: Linda is an herbalist with a foundation of knowledge that sprouted in the forests of Oregon in 1999, learning about forest ecology and the medicine that it can offer. In 2008, after moving east, studying nursing, working in critical care, feeling lost and in need of community, Linda and her husband Eric started farming organically in Doylestown, PA, focused on certified organic medicinal herbs. Linda believes to achieve health, we need to find ways to re-establish our broken connections with our wild and beautiful planet, starting with what grows beneath our feet.


Suntrap Botanicals

About: Suntrap Botanical is an herb farm & apothecary with a focus on the relationship between ecological and human health. All of our apothecary products are formulated & handcrafted by clinical herbalist, Geraldine Lavin, who founded Suntrap in 2015. Suntrap offers seed to bottle tincture formulas, season wellness boxes, skin care, educational materials, and consultation services. Visit the regenerative land project where Suntrap’s herb farm is based in Brooktondale, NY!


Lancaster Farmacy

Lancaster Farmacy was founded by Eli Weaver and Casey Spacht in 2009 after returning to our roots in Lancaster County from a background of grassroots activism, community organizing, cooperative models, farming, herbalism and rewilding. We seek to grow and provide local organic herbs, produce and flowers for our community. Our goal is to support our bio region by securing the opportunity for all living beings to have access to these things. We are reclaiming our health by growing our own and restoring the knowledge of natural healing and growing traditions. In the growing food movement we see the need for reclaiming our health and making it accessible at the local level. 


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