Low Cost CSA shares now available!

We budget for about 10% of our herbal apothecary CSA shares to be available at a reduced price for members who cannot afford the full cost. Participants choose to pay anywhere from 10% to 75% of the normal share price. Work trade positions are also available for locals who have 4-8 hours per month to volunteer at the farm or at our farmers markets.

We are accepting applications year-round, and will offer spots to eligible members on a first-come basis as soon as we have funds available. You are eligible if you currently receive SNAP or other forms of public assistance, or if your income (gross adjusted) is 200% or below the federal poverty level.

We ask that low cost CSA members commit for at least a 3 month share. Shares can be shipped to you or picked up at an of our locations.

If you would like to donate a CSA share or make a small monthly contribution, you can sign up as a supporting member and add your donation at checkout. Your contributions are greatly appreciated, and will go directly to someone’s low cost CSA share!

Low cost CSA application:

Name *
Phone *
Address *
Do you currently receive SNAP or another form of public assistance? *
If yes, you are automatically eligible for our low cost share and you can skip the next two questions regarding income.
If you do not currently receive public assistance, what is your annual household (gross adjusted) income?
You are eligible for a low cost share if your income is 200% or below the federal poverty income level.
How much do you feel you can pay for your three month share? *
Are you able to commit to 3 months of a CSA share? *
We ask for a minimum 3 month commitment, although you may put your account on a temporary hold at any time if you wish to skip a month.
Are you interested in a work trade for the rest of your share? (If yes, please also fill out the work share form!) *
This is not a necessary commitment, just an option for those who would like to participate in helping out at the farm or at markets. Your answer does not effect your eligibility!