What’s different from previous years?

A few things! Firstly, while we at Tooth of the Lion are still managing the CSA, growing and making products for each share, we will also feature another herbalist or farmer each month. Secondly, we changed the payment methods to offer more flexibility for payment plans while still keeping close to the CSA model. We will be going to year-round with monthly pickups. Finally, we are offering a larger full share, a half share (most similar to previous years) and a supporting membership.

The Schuylkill Herb Exchange is the new name for our new and improved CSA model. This name change reflects our expansion to include a collective of herbalists and farmers coming together to provide you with a greater diversity and higher quality of herbal products. The CSA is still operated and managed by Tooth of the Lion.

What is the Schuylkill Herb Exchange?

When do sign-ups close?

When does the season start or end?

What if I go on vacation or can’t pick up a share?

You can sign up at any time, and you will receive instant member benefits and the next month’s CSA share. See our calendar for pickup weeks and monthly sign up deadlines.

Starting April 2019, the CSA season will go year-round!

Our new CSA program makes it easy for you to put a temporary hold on your share, so that you can skip a month whenever you need to and you will not be charged. You can also send a friend to pickup your share for you! Finally, if you have a last-minute delay, we will do our best to hold your share for a later pickup (although we cannot guarantee this).

We realized that folks primarily join our CSA in order to support the farm and their own herbal education. To do this better, we decided to include more products per monthly box, and increase the commitment of the box subscription. In order to keep the CSA flexible, we added two more options: half shares and supporting memberships.

The supporting member option allow folks to be a part of the Schuylkill Herb Exchange at a lower level of commitment. Additionally, the low cost share program provides support for folks who cannot afford the $60/month subscription. Learn more about what’s in each share.

Why did the herbal apothecary share increase in price?

How much does it cost?

How does payment work? What are pre-paid credits?

Do you have a payment plan available?

For a full monthly subscription box, the commitment is $60/month, and a half share box is $42/month. As a supporting member, the commitment is $12/month.

When you sign up, you choose to load your account with a prepaid credit of $75, $180, $500 or $750. Each month when you receive your share, your account is debited for the total amount of your share. You also have the option to add additional items to your share from the web store, using your prepaid credits.

Yes! You may sign up with a minimum pre-paid credit of $75, which will automatically renews when your account falls below $50. You can use this option as a “monthly” payment plan if you so choose! See the sign up page for more details.

Yes! We can ship anywhere in the continental US. Shares typically ship on Thursdays, USPS priority for 2-3 day delivery to you. The cost of shipping is included in your share.

We have pickup locations in Philly, on the farm, and lots of places in between! See our sign up page for a map and location details.

Can I have my share shipped to me?

Where are your pickup locations?

Good question! The vast majority of our CSA products are gluten free and dairy free. Many of our products do contain alcohol and/or honey, so if you cannot have one of these items, the CSA may not be right for you. Check out our membership option to support our work, and choose your own herbs from the web store or farmers markets!

What if I have a food allergy or sensitivity?

CSA sign up: Singing up for our Schuylkill Herb Exchange CSA is a huge support for our farm, and in doing so, you go beyond a product purchase. Your CSA membership is a commitment to the farm, and in exchange for your support we provide you with the bounties of our harvest. All of our partners and featured herbalists in the CSA are vetted by us, and we make every effort to ensure the quality of each and every product that goes into your shares. We truly value your support and your feedback!

Sign up cut off: While you may sign up for the CSA at any time, we need a 2-3 week lead time before delivery in order to create all of the delicious herbal products in your share. Upon sign up, you will be notified of your first pick up date. For a schedule of our deliveries and monthly sign up cut off dates, see our CSA calendar.

Missed pickups: If you are unable to get to your pickup, it is best to ask a friend to pick up your share for you. Otherwise, please let us know as soon as possible and we may be able to hold your share for a later pickup. While we can sometimes help you recover a missed herbal apothecary share, we are not able to hold a flower share past the pick up time. While we make every effort to help, please note that if you do not pick up your share during the allotted time, we cannot guarantee that your share will still be available.

Refunds: If you feel that you deserve a credit or refund because your CSA share was damaged or not usable, please contact apothecary@toothofthelion.com or katelyn@toothofthelion.com within 30 days, and we will evaluate on a case by case basis.

Cancellation: You may put your account on a temporary or permanent hold at any time, which means that your account will not be charged and we will not make up a box for you that month. To permanently cancel your account, please contact apothecary@toothofthelion.com or katelyn@toothofthelion.com.

Contact information:

Tooth of the Lion Farm // Orwigsburg Pa 17961 // 610-613-8040

Terms and Conditions of Membership