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Spring Herbal Care Box

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In celebration of the season and the greening of the landscape we are offering a special Spring Herbal Care Box! 

The box contains some of our favorite herbal blends to support our bodies in the seasonal transition: grounding, balancing, and restoring to make room for new spring growth.

All packaged up and ready to ship, grab a box for yourself or send as a gift to a loved one to let the plants ease you into the spring season!

Featuring 100% herbs grown with care here at Tooth of the Lion Farm: 

  • Milky Oats Tincture - herbal drops for building and restoring 

  • Chamomile Tea - flower tea for anti-inflammatory and nervous system support 

  • Anise Mint Tea - herbal tea blend for clarity, purpose and balance

  • Reusable tea bag - 100% linen, handmade in Philly by Kitchen Garden Series

More about each product...

Milky oats fresh tincture! Each and every spring the milky oats are the first crop we plant in the ground and they fill us with the joy of renewal. We captured all of that calming support in the Milky Oats tincture: our fresh oats harvested in peak potency, extracted in our apothecary that same day, and pressed out to exude their potent oat medicine. Milky oats ground us, help to heal our physical nervous system and restore energy.

Chamomile flower tea - the last of our crop! We have just a few jars of chamomile left before we restock this summer with our next crop - which is already green and growing! Way back in the fall, we plant some of our chamomile crop directly in the ground. The plants sleep the winter away only to burst forth with growth as soon as the soil warms up. I can almost watch them grow on these warm sunny March days! In spring, we start even more chamomile plants from seed in our propagation greenhouse - they fill up one whole side of the house with a carpet of the greenest of greens. Enjoy a soothing cup of chamy as we dream about our fields coming into peak bloom again this year!

Balancing out the soothing milky oats and chamomile is the cool vigor of the Anise Mint Tea. Anise hyssop, peppermint and calendula flowers combine for a bold tea that reminds you of all the flowers and herbs to come later in June and July. Aromatic herbal teas balance our gut, our minds, and generally assist in supporting us through the daily and seasonal changes. 

As all of our teas are loose leaf, we also included a reusable linen tea bag handmade by the Kitchen Garden Series, a badass small woman-owned business in Philadelphia. 

As a gift to yourself or for a loved one - the plants are here for you!